Mars College

We live in the future on Mars. It is our reason for being. We conjure it into existence through high speed fiber optic connections to the internet and bulk orders of electric unicycles. Electric Unicycles (EUC) are small enough to fit in a car trunk or the front seat of a van, and can charge with a humble solar set up. They’re incredibly fun and gain the rider entrance into an enthusiastic community of EUC riders in many metros around the world. Now is like the early days of skateboarding and surfing, only with 1000x the potential.

EUCs are perfect for Mars where the ground is occasionally soft making bicycling slow, and activities are spread between Mars and Bombay Beach with people making frequent trips between them. It is an excellent way to cruise around the area and take in the expansive scenery of the desert around us.

There will be work for skilled people repairing, modding, customizing, racing and making videos of personal electric vehicles. Mars College is an environment and community to dive into this world and develop these skills.

Learning to Ride

During the first two weeks of Mars College we will conduct regular training sessions to help people get going. There’s a learning curve. It takes sustained effort, but like learning to ride a bicycle, as soon as you can ride unassisted, it quickly becomes the easiest and funnest way to get around.

How to get a unicycle

While we can make a small number of training unicycles freely available to people early on, we really want people to have their own personal unicycle for the duration of the program. We are mostly a KingSong club and have a variety of new and used unicyles available ranging from $300 for a used KS14D to $1500 for a new KS16X or S18. Mars credit may be available to help people who need it purchase their unicycle for 1/3 up front and the remainder at the end of the program.

There is a good secondhand market for unicycles so if you find yourself in the tragic position of being unable to take your beloved unicycle with you to your next destination, you should be able to sell it. We will also buy back unicycles depending on condition at about 2/3 the initial price. This gives us some inventory of used discount unicycles to offer next years Mars College participants, and makes it possible for Martians on a budget to loan a unicycle for a few months and get back most or all of their payment.

Electric unicycling club

If you are more serious about your unicycling, you can join the unicycling club. The club regularly has team practice around the track on Mars, fixes broken unicycles, makes videos and occasionally go on group rides together in the surrounding area. Some footage from our rides can be found here.

Volleyball demo lightly adapted from @hardmaru.